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TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP Ready for Solutions ...

... is our motto

And this is what it means: TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP is always ready to provide you with the ideal solution you need for your machine or system – quickly and efficiently.

Whether individual cable carrier elements or the so-called carrier meters, whether cables, prefabricated cable carriers, even up to complete, prefabricated TOTALTRAX systems – we manufacture to your specifications or develop an optimized solution for your application.

Our wide product range with its many thousand variants provides the basis for fulfilling virtually any requirement for the most varied applications. We manufacture cable carriers from a variety of materials – either as solid plastic cable carrier, as hybrid versions (plastic carrier belt with aluminum frame stays or covers), or as steel/stainless steel carriers to make sure that you receive a system that matches your application perfectly.

This makes TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP an expert in traditional machine and plant engineering, but also a specialist in industries, where requirements in terms of stability, speed, wear-resistance and long service life play a major role – for example in steelworks, offshore, automotive, and crane applications.

Our environmental activities


ECO & €CO – Ecology & Economy

We are advancing the development of environmentally friendly products to conserve the environment and reduce the environmental impact of our operations by improving the efficiency of production activities and developing products that effectively lower energy consumption. These ECO & €CO products help customers reduce energy consumption and improve the economic aspects of their operations.

Long-Term objective is to significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

We classify the environmental friendliness factors that are under our control into seven categories:

  1. Resource conservation, reduction of waste generated
  2. Energy saving, reduced CO2 emissions
  3. Clean workplaces and usage environments
  4. Consideration for the surrounding environment
  5. Ease of disposal
  6. Reuse
  7. Consideration for harmful substances

Detailed information on the ECO & €CO initiative can be found at kabelschlepp.de/ecolink

UNIFLEX Advanced 1320

Light weight. Quiet. Robust.

UNIFLEX Advanced 1320

Inside widths 38 and 50 mm: UNIFLEX Advanced 1320

  • Cost-effective cable carrier
  • Weight-optimized carrier geometry
  • Particularly high torsional rigidity
  • Internal damping system for reduced vibration and noise
  • Double stroke system
Dimensions in mm
Type Pitch t Inside height hi Inside width Bi Bend radius KR
UNIFLEX Advanced 1320 32 20 38 50 28


Chip-tight right to the end!


Long service life for cables and hoses

The closed cable carrier TKA55 was specifically developed for applications in environments with chips and dirt. Its design successfully prevents foreign bodies penetrating the cable space and offers reliable protection for the routed cables right up to the connection area.

With its optimized geometry of the chain links and the 3-fold, encapsulated stroke system the TKA55 reaches an extensive unsupported length and is also highly torsion-proof. Integrated sliding surfaces make them also ideally suited for long travel lengths. Easy to open covers provide stability even under severe mechanical stress, e.g. when used with hydraulic lines.

The TKA55 not only impresses with its technical attributes, but also stands out with its revolutionary design. The optimized contour of sideband and cover most effectively prevents any functional impairment caused by the adhesion or entering of chips and dirt.


  1. Uniformly usable interior space, wide-ranging modular subdivision
  2. Easy to open covers (inside or outside) offer secure hold, cover system also for the connection
  3. 3-fold stroke system for extensive unsupported length
  4. Universal mounting bracket (UMB) with integratable strain relief elements
  • Chip-tight, excellent cable protection also in connection area
  • Fast cable laying, easy to open
  • 6 inside widths from 50 to 175 mm available
  • Versions to be opened from inside or outside available
  • Extensive unsupported length due to 3-fold stroke system
  • Integrated sliding surfaces for gliding arrangements
  • Internal damping system for reduced vibration and noise
  • High torsional rigidity
Dimensions in mm
Type Pitch t Inside height hi Inside width Bi Bend radius KR
TKA55H45 55,5 45 50


At home in highly abrasive environments


Optimized carrier geometry: STEEL-LINE S/SX1252B and S/SX1802B

The deployment in environments, where large amounts of very fine, abrasive media are generated, e.g. in steelworks, foundries or in blasting operations, places extremely high requirements on the reliability of cable carriers.

In conventional cable carrier systems, large amounts of foundry sand, corundum or scale could cause blockage of the cable carrier‘s stroke system and therefore lead to the failure of the cable carrier. The optimized carrier geometry of S/SX1252B and S/SX1802B reliably prevents costly downtimes and maintenance breaks for the entire system.

The design of the cable carrier systems S/SX1252B and S/SX1802B does not give dirt and foreign bodies a chance to continuously deposit in the stroke system and to impair the function of the cable carrier system. Foreign bodies entering into the system are removed from the stroke system by the “self-cleaning“ effect of the cable carrier in motion. Blockage of the cable carrier caused by dirt deposits in the stroke system is therefore reliably prevented. Depending on the application, either screwed or riveted connections are used.


  1. Aluminum hole stay LG, custom bore patterns possible
  2. Solid frame stay RM for high loads, large carrier widths possible
  3. Optimized carrier geometry, “self-cleaning“ stroke system
  4. Optimized carrier geometry, “self-cleaning“ stroke system
  • Long service life even under most adverse conditions, e.g. large amounts of foundry sand, corundum or scale.
  • The optimized, “self-cleaning“ geometry prevents blockage of the stroke system caused by dirt deposits.
  • Continuous thermal loads up to 600 ºC are possible.
  • All TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP steel cable carrier systems are lubricant-free.
  • Steel (S) or rust-free stainless steel (SX) versions available.
  • Rust-free steel band covers are available to protect routed cables against external influences.
  • Possible application areas are, among others, steelworks, foundries, blasting operations with extremely high volumes of abrasive media.
Dimensions in mm
Type Pitch t Inside height hi Chain width Bk Bend radius KR
S/SX1252B 125 72 130 – 800 145
S/SX1802B 180 108 180 – 1000 265

Rail Cable Carrier “Heavy Duty” version

Robust high-speed application

Rail Cable Carrier

Rail Cable Carrier (RCC) “Heavy Duty” version

The well proven RCC (Rail Cable Carrier) systems enable travel speeds of up to 10 m/s, very long travel lengths up to 500 m and high additional loads of up to 50 kg/m.

The RCC “Heavy Duty” version was developed specifically for the severe and rough conditions in the steel processing industry, e.g. in steelworks and pipe manufacturing plants.

  • Reliable solution for high-speed applications with travel speeds of up to 6 m/s under severe conditions.
  • Very robust due to solid reinforcements of the channel system and the supports.
  • Available with impenetrable cover sheet.
  • Long service life and high operational reliability due to reinforced roller brackets on the carrier and separate roller guides for the rolling carriage system.
  • Prolonged service life and minimized risk of failure due to flexible driver connection integrated in the rolling carriage system. Axial and radial disturbing forces are reliably compensated.
  • Travel lengths up to 150 m possible.

Maintenance-friendly housing for cable carriers

Simplify maintenance, reduce service times


Protection against external influences: Maintenance-friendly housing

  • Easy inspection and maintenance of the cable carrier system.
  • Can be opened in any position.
  • Protection of the cable carrier system against external influences (coarse dirt, falling down parts, snow).
  • Easy disassembly without screws.
  • Can be opened without tools.
  • When open, the housing is secured against accidental closing.
  • Can be used in combination with any TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP channel system.

Opening tool UNIFLEX Advanced

Drastically reduce the assembly time


Opening tools for UNIFLEX Advanced 1455, 1555, 1665

  • Extremely fast and material protecting opening of the carrier for fast cable laying.
  • 1 m of cable carrier can be opened in less than 2 seconds without the need of excessive force.
  • The cable carrier can also be opened easily after it has been installed in the channel.
  • Even cable carriers equipped with cables can be opened without problems.
  • The locked crossbar is unlocked and opened in a single step via the rotating ball joint.
  • No other tools required.
  • Single tool for inside widths of 25 – 103 mm, double tool available for inner widths over 125 mm.


Save layout time


Online cable carrier configurator OnlineEngineer2.2

The OnlineEngineer assists you when designing the layout for your optimal TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP cable carrier system online – fast, reliably and flexibly.

In its current version, the OnlineEngineer comes with a simplified and intuitive user interface.

Clearly structured, the wizard will lead you through the configurator in a few easy steps, and you will find the best possible cable carrier system to match your requirements in just a few clicks.

  • Time-saving
  • Efficient
  • User-friendly design
  • Clearly structured – all the information of the cable carrier system at a glance

Please test online: kabelschlepp.de/OnlineEngineer


Single-core series POWER ONE 700

Permanently flexible from – 40 ºC to + 90 ºC

Einzeladerserien POWER ONE 700

The highly flexible and cold-resisting single-core cables of the POWER ONE 700 series were designed specifically for permanently low temperatures down to – 40 ºC. They are manufactured with sophisticated extrusion technology and have excellent unwinding smoothness. Any occurring system vibrations caused by changes in acceleration of the cable carrier are thus significantly reduced, which prolongs the service life.

The new TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP stock program –
cold-flexible single cores:

  • POWER 700 ONE – unshielded
  • POWER 700 ONE C – screened
  • POWER 700 ONE PE – green-yellow core insulation

POWER ONE 700 units are the ideal solution for complex custom applications with fast acceleration speeds, but also for compact applications with low construction height or for circular cable carrier systems.

In applications with high electrical drive powers and the appropriately dimensioned conductor cross-sections, single-core cables considerably facilitate final or pre-assembly due to their relatively low weight.

The new POWER ONE 700 cables are a reliable long-term solution for virtually all “carrier + cable“ applications in continuous operation.


Unshielded continuous bending hi-flex PUR single-core cables

Power ONE 700  1 KV

Temperature range: – 40 up to + 90 °C
Minimum bend radius moved: KRmin ≥ 7.5 x Ø
Acceleration, max: 50 m/s2
Rated voltage: acc. to VDE 0.6/1kV, acc. to UL 1kV
Availability: ex stock
Core number x nominal crosssection in mm2 AWG Article number Outer diameter max. in mm Weight kg/m CU index kg/m
1 x 2.52 14 / 1c 45581 6.2 0.053 0.025
1 x 62 10 / 1c 45583 7.4 0.094 0.060
1 x 102 8 / 1c 45584 8.6 0.142 0.100
1 x 162 6 / 1c 45585 9.7 0.201 0.154
1 x 252 4 / 1c 45586 11.3 0.293 0.240
1 x 352 2 / 1c 45587 13.3 0.406 0.350
1 x 502 1 / 1c 45588 15.7 0.577 0.500
1 x 702 2 / 0 / 1c 45589 17.5 0.802 0.700
1 x 952 3 / 0 / 1c 45590 19.5 1.008 0.950
1 x 1202 4 / 0 / 1c 45591 21.4 1.268 1.200
1 x 1502 250 MCM / 1c 45592 24.2 1.595 1.500
1 x 1852 350 MCM / 1c 45593 26.6 1.949 1.850


Shielded continuous bending hi-flex PUR single-core cables

Power ONE 700 C  1 KV

Temperature range: – 40 up to + 90 °C
Minimum bend radius moved: KRmin ≥ 7.5 x Ø
Acceleration, max: 50 m/s2
Rated voltage: acc. to VDE 0.6/1kV, acc. to UL 1kV
Availability: ex stock
Core number x nominal crosssection in mm2 AWG Article number Outer diameter max. in mm Weight kg/m CU index kg/m
(1 x 252) (4 / 1c) 45820 11.9 0.333 0.289
(1 x 352) (2 / 1c) 45821 13.9 0.451 0.393
(1 x 502) (1 / 1c) 45822 16.5 0.651 0.560
(1 x 702) (2 / 0 / 1c) 45823 18.3 0.883 0.873
(1 x 952) (3 / 0 / 1c) 45824 20.3 1.099 1.029
(1 x 1202) (4 / 0 / 1c) 45825 22.2 1.373 1.272
(1 x 1502) (250 MCM / 1c) 45826 25.0 1.716 1.578
(1 x 1852) (350 MCM / 1c) 45827 27.4 2.081 1.911


Unshielded, continuous bending hi-flex PUR single-core cables with PE core identification

Power ONE 700 C  1 KV

Temperature range: – 40 up to + 90 °C
Minimum bend radius moved: KRmin ≥ 7.5 x Ø
Acceleration, max: 50 m/s2
Rated voltage: acc. to VDE 0.6/1kV, acc. to UL 1kV
Availability: ex stock
Core number x nominal crosssection in mm2 AWG Article number Outer diameter max. in mm Weight kg/m CU index kg/m
1 G 62 10 / 1c 47583 7.4 0.094 0.060
1 G 102 8 / 1c 47584 8.6 0.141 0.100
1 G 162 6 / 1c 47585 9.7 0.209 0.154
1 G 252 4 / 1c 47586 11.3 0.293 0.240
1 G 352 2 / 1c 47587 13.3 0.406 0.350
1 G 502 0 / 1c 47588 15.7 0.577 0.500